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Perseverance Activity Resource Book & CD

Perseverance Activity Resource Book & CD

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Do your children want to give up before they complete a task? Without perseverance children will never know the rewards and sense of accomplishment that come with staying with a goal or job until it is completed. The fun-filled activities, puzzles, and code breakers in the Character Classics® Perseverance Activity Resource Book will help them learn the value of staying with a task until they finish it. The catchy lyrics from the companion CD are included in the book, along with a brief description of the classical composer. The Pledge in the back of the book encourages children to practice perseverance every day.

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Character Classics Collection

Character Classics is a unique blend of memorable melodies and delightful, kid-friendly lyrics that help children discover the best of two worlds: Classical Music and Positive Values. Kids will enjoy unforgettable melodies — from Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, and other great composers — while they sing about valuable character traits.