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Handbook For Life: ABC’s of Character

Handbook For Life: ABC’s of Character

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  • Ages: 5+

When children are starting out in life, it is important to help them build their foundational values on the principles of good character. Along with their ABC’s, why not help kids learn quality character traits at the same time? From Attentiveness to Zeal, A Handbook for Life-ABC’s of Character explains timeless values such as honesty, respect, and self-control.

These foundational principles will not only help kids become good people who inspire others, but will also help them succeed in school, friendships, and everything else their futures hold.

Discover CHARACTER - Letter by Letter

Character is who you are when no one else is near, no teacher’s eyes to see you, no mother’s ears to hear.

It’s being truthful, kind, and fair in all you do and say; The character that you’ll become is being built today!

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A Handbook For Life

These enlightening books provide wisdom you may need, wrapped in real-life situations. These include friendships, relationships, work life, family life and more, through the lenses of civility, forgiveness, loyalty and other themes, in short sections with oft-humorous comic book illustrations.